Shopping for the ideal Gorilla ladder for you? Following this useful guide:

Step Ladder

Choose a ladder 0.6m shorter than the height you wish to reach. Some examples:

  • Height to reach    Ladder height
  • 1.8m                       1.2m ladder
  • 2.4m                       1.8m ladder
  • 3.0m                       2.4m ladder

Gorrilla ladder diagram

Extension Ladder

Choose a ladder 1.0m longer than the height you wish to reach. Some Examples:

  • Height to reach          Ladder height
  • 2.4m                             3.4m ladder min
  • 3.7m                             4.7m ladder min
  • 5.0m                            6.0m ladder min

Gorrilla ladder diagram 2

Aluminium or Fibreglass?

As a general rule, fibreglass ladders are recommended and in most cases mandatory when working in an electrical environment. A fibreglass ladder provides isolation between the user and earth, reducing (but not eliminating) the risk of electrocution.

Aluminium ladders provide little electrical isolation for users, and are therefore not recommended for use in electrical environments. Aluminium ladders are lighter than fibreglass, and are perfect for use in all non-electrical environments.

Safe use of your ladder

ALWAYS inspect your ladder for damage prior to use – DO NOT use any ladder which is damaged.

ALWAYS be aware of your environment before setting up – check for hazards such as power cables, moving vehicles and doors.

ALWAYS wear appropriate, fully-enclosed footware.

ALWAYS face the ladder when ascending/ descending.

ALWAYS read ALL instructions present on ladder before use.

NEVER leave your ladder unattended – children may ascend and fall.

Step Ladders

ALWAYS use in the fully open position, with spreader mechanisms engaged.

NEVER stand on the top step.

ALWAYS keep body centred within the stiles of the ladder.

ALWAYS ensure ladder is positioned with all feet in contact with the ground and the surface is firm and level.

Extension Ladders

ALWAYS extend top of ladder >1.0m beyond the top support point.

ALWAYS lean your ladder at an angle of 1:4 – for each 4m your ladder is extended, it should be 1.0m out from the top support point.

ALWAYS ensure that the ladder feet and top support point are secure and cannot slip.

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